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Components board

A very important part of building the cabinet is strategically placing all your parts for easy access and wire managements. There are more than 1 way to achieve this and the ultimate decision will be yours. We could have build a drawer, a board at the bottom of the cabinet . We decided to have a board elevated from the bottom and mount it under the cross supports 2×4.

We first started cutting a board that fits the width of the cabinet and cut it 40” long.

We screwed the board in place using L-shaped brackets and traced with a pen the areas were we have contactors and cross supports.

We placed all our devices at different locations and spread it out throughout the board. The plan is to drill holes and do all wire and cable management from underneath the board, that way our Pinball will always look clean and professional even when to hood is up. This will also facilitate access to all our components if a part has to be replaced.

We used a board that we mounted on the cross supports. we drilled holes near the components and fished all the wires under the board to maintain a clean look and taped the wires for cable management. When positioning your components, consider the amount of wires required to connect the components. the closer, the less wire, the cheaper it will be.

We believed that having a board mounted on the cross support was a good idea. All the wires are running underneath the board. This does not only make the cabinet more professional and clean but having wires running all over can cause issues and it is difficult to trace them.

Depending of the type of boards you will use in your cab, you can place the components at strategic locations. For example we placed the Zero delay board near the buttons at the front, it will save on wire.  The power management board is in the center of the cabinet and the fuses are near the Led-Wiz.

The only thing not on that board is the shaker motor, fans, blower fan, knocker and gear motor.