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Paint and preparation

We will install graphics on the cabinet but before we do that, we need to prep the cabinet and insure that every holes are filled and that the surface is smooth and free from debris. In the previous section we applied some paste epoxy to fill the very large gaps but we won’t use epoxy throughout the cabinet as it is a very expensive product. Instead we will use wood filler for the smaller holes. We will sand the cabinet with a 150 grit and make sure that every surfaces are smooth.

Williams cabinet Space Mission 1975
Williams cabinet Space Mission 1975

We used a all in one primer/paint to prep the surface of the cabinet.

We sanded the front door with a 1000 Grit, we added a cam lock, added an aluminum trim on the right side of the door and painted the wood black.

As you can see in the picture above, the coin door frame is missing, we are going to fix it. We got a small piece of a L shaped aluminum from our local hardware store . We drilled 2 holes in the aluminum and secured them in place with 2 rivets.

Quick video on how to use a rivet gun
This is a 1/2 inch trim that we used for the door frame and we also used 2 pieces of 48 inches at the bottom of our cabinet to protect the edge and prevent our graphic from peeling off. We used the 3/4 L shaped to cap the edge of our back box for a clean and professional look.

We added a 3d printed plastic coin slot as we were unable to find an original Williams. We designed it ourself and printed it on our 3d printer.

We ordered on E-bay the 0.25$ transparent coin slot. We ordered 2 used one.

This is the final results, we will update this section with the wiring of the backlit lights.

Tools and accessories used in this section.