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Vinyl graphic art

If you are buying the vinyl online, expect to pay between 250-400$ You will pay more if they are licensed, but the colour will be accurate. Research before buying and read the comments .

We have always designed the art ourself. To do this you will have to be creative and gain knowledge with Photoshop. Typically, We will download high quality graphics online and create a montage in Photoshop. Having the dimensions of your cabinet is essential when designing.

This is the coin box art we created.  Using the different layers and colour correction in Photoshop is key to for good results. If possible look for Vectors or very high quality graphics because if the quality is mediocre, the resolution on your Vinyl sticker will not be crisp.

You will need to find a local print shop that can print the created art for you. Your local print shop will charge you approximately $150-$200 for the 2 sides, 2 back box and coin door.

We thank Inotek for supporting this project. visit them for high quality prints at www.inoteksigns.ca

Installing the graphic art

  1. use a very sharp exacto blade
  2. Have a helper hold the graphics as it is being installed
  3. Take your time
  4. Use a soft edge squeegee to push down the vinyl on the cabinet
  5. Push out any air trapped under the vinyl and push it out to the edge.

It is important to take your time when installing graphics, they are expensive and it will affect the final look of your project. If you are using a normal type of vinyl, a lot of people are using the wet method and are spraying the surface with water and are applying the vinyl with a squeegee.  In this build, we are using a air release type of vinyl where the air trapped can easily be pushed out with a squeegee. We are using a 3.1 mm glossy vinyl .

It is important to align the vinyl first and you can use painter’s tape to align it. When applying the vinyl, if you are not used to do it, get a helper it is a lot easier with 2 people. Start by lifting a small portion ( 4-5 inches and align it at one end. When you are certain your vinyl is aligned properly peel off small a small section ( aprox. 12 inches keep the vinyl lifted and apply pressure with a small plastic squeegee to stick the vinyl on the surface.

Once finished, used your squeegee to push out any air or bubbles trapped by pushing it towards the edge. Self-adhesive vinyl is pretty forgiving, you may peel it off and re-align it and it will still be sticky.

Peeling off a small piece of the back paper
Applying a downward pressure with the squeegee
Plastic squeegee with soft edge
Final result with the side graphic art

We used an aluminum L-shaped corner to solidify the bottom of the cabinet. The main reason we used this is to prevent our graphic to peel off. we drilled 4 holes and secured the corner with screws.

Suggested tools for this project