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A contactor is an electrically controlled switch used for switching an electrical power circuit. They are commonly used to control pumps. We are going to use them for the clicking noise to enhance the gaming experience. This force feedback effect will be controlled by software running on the computer and telling the contactor to turn on when a specific programmed action is triggered inside the pinball table.

Contactor sound
We installed Siemens Contactor 3Rt1016-1Ab01

This is a 24V contactor and will require a diode. We have 10 of them and will mount them on the cross support.

Virtual pinball contactors setup
Layout of contactors inside the cabinet

We will need to connect a diode to every solenoids/knockers or contactors in the cabinet. This is to prevent power to come back and fry the circuit. It is a little bit like a fuse but it blocks current. The grey bar  shown in the diagram connects to the positive side of the contactor and the other side on the negative side.

Connecting contactors to Ledwiz
1N4004 400V 1A Diode
Connecting contactor to Led-wiz
Example of a Simple Contactor wiring on Ledwiz. Don’t forget the fuse before the Ledwiz

We are highly recommending not to connect your Solenoids or contactors directly to the ledwiz. Use a Relay board like the Sainsmart to connect the Solenoid and connect the Sainsmart to the Ledwiz. The Ledwiz will activate and deactivate the Sainsmart.

force feedback virtual pinball

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