5 Ledbar kit building instructions

#1 Choosing material for your bar

Choose a material to mount your leds. Use what you have on hands. Metal or aluminum is good for heat dispersion.

#2 Cutting the material

Calculate de width of your cabinet and cut your material to the width of your cabinet.

#3 Preparing the surface of your material

Depending of your setup, you will want to measure and align the leds on your material and drill a small hole to run the wires that will be connecting to the LED-Wiz and the 5 LED Board.

#4 Preparing the LED

Prepare your LED by adding solder to the pads. R- is the red, G- is the green and B- is the blue. Add solder across all G+ pads.

#5 Soldering the wires

Solder wires to the R- G- B- using colour coded wires. Solder the white wire to the G+

#6 Gluing your LED on the bar

fish the wires in the drilled hole and Apply some hot glue or silicone on the bottom of the LED to fix it on your bar.

#7 installing the domes

pre-drill 2 small holes and use self tapping metal screws to hold the dome

#8 connecting the Led management board

Connect the wires from your LED to the input + R G B on the board

#9 connecting the board to the LED-Wiz

Connect the R output of the LED board to port 1 on your LED-Wiz.

Connect the G output of the LED board to port 2 on your LED-Wiz.

Connect the B output of the LED board to port 3 on your LED-Wiz.

Each LED will use a different port for a total of 15 ports for your 5 LED. (R+G+Bx5=15 )

#10 Connecting the power cable

Connect the provided power cable and connect it to a 5v or 12v power supply.

#11 Conclusion

Now you only have to test your leds using LEDblinky and configure your 5 led bar in the online DOFconfig tool. And voila. Thank you for purchasing this Kit.

You can Download the Board files and Edit the circuit or send it to be manufactured.

The board can be downloaded HERE

Check this link for extra explanations for the open source: HERE