Future Pinball Misunderstood!

Future Pinball is one of the 1st virtual Pinball software. It has been adopted as a platform of choice by many skilled table creators. Future Pinball has been discontinued for many years but we kept seeing new tables and new improvements over the years.

Future Pinball was first launched in 2005 and discontinued a few years later. Future Pinball was bullied like you would not imagine!!!! People calling it ” a Turd” , ” a piece of shit” , ” I think it blows monkeys” ,” a worthless virtual pinball software ” etc… People started disregarding and blasting FP early in it’s young life . It is a lot easier to say that something sucks instead of finding a solution to make it suck less!!!!!!

With almost 2000 tables and hundreds of developers, Future pinball offers creators an easy interface to create tables and a vast choice of original tables for all virtual pinball fans. You can read a PC World article on how someone can create a table.

BAM ( Better Arcade Mode ) the beginning of the end?

I am glad that someone looked at the full potential of Future Pinball and tried to build on it. This is Exactly what Ravarcade did by introducing the BAM software.

BAM is what i would call a powerful Ad-on to Future Pinball. It works seamlessly by applying it’s Magic to Future Pinball allowing the following features and enhancements to future Pinball.

  • Light settings
  • Per-pixel lighting New Rendering
  • Camera settings
  • Post-processing effects (blur, gamma correction, brightness, saturation)
  • Face tracking
  • Improved high scrore (values above 2 billions)
  • New features on tables (custom game rooms, custom balls, animated mini-playfields)
  • Enhanced Physics settings defined per table
  • Ability to re-size the playfield and backglass easily
  • Set Global table configurations
  • Set per table configuration

Playing Future Pinball on a virtual pinball cabinet without BAM is like buying a Camaro with a V6 engine. Once you install and setup BAM correctly, you will start enjoying Future Pinball.


Setting up BAM will require a little bit of work, but remember, what Ron Popeil once said…….

Setting up Future Pinball

Recommended settings for Future Pinball

Setting up BAM

You can download BAM from Ravarcade.pl The installation is fairly easy. just follow the prompt.

Once installed, Bam will be in your Future pinball/BAM folder. Launching bam will automatically look for your version of future pinball and launch it. To launch BAM, click on the fploader.exe

Here’s a video I did a while back on BAM.

Once the Future Pinball table is loaded, click the tilde or Q key on your keyboard to launch BAM settings.

  • I picked static cam
  • I set the table scale to fit my playfield
  • i set the X and Y to move the table to my liking.
  • The Z axis will bring up or move down the playfield
  • Setting up the backglass is easy, select Backbox and play with the X-Y to make it fit your Backglass.

Getting rid of the Future Pinball Watermark

Visible watermark at the bottom right of the screen.

I understand that this was a feature added by the Platform developer, but it hides the instructions and sometimes even the plunger area.

There is a setup in Bam to remove the watermark. it is in the Addons section. turn Hide Fp logo to ON

Saving the settings

Saving the settings is automatic in BAM. if you play with the different layout and change the X-Y and the backglass and you exit BAM, you will notice that the table will keep the settings. There is nothing to save it is a built in feature.

You can save the layout Globally for all ” unplayed ” future pinball tables ” it will use the backglass and your layout for all tables. When i say unplayed, that is because the previously played tables have been saved automatically upon exiting the table. I suggest you set the global at the beginning of your Future Pinball setup in order to save time.

Some of the unique Augmented reality features BAM is offering.


I want to thanks Rafal from Ravearcade for reviewing the article and ensuring that the information provided to you was accurate and up to date. I did not cover the VR or AR feature in BAM but here’s what Rafal had to say about it:”

BAM in VR is something different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoUtgkSS45k You can play it very easily today with minimum costs. All you need is cheap Google Cardboard or plastic version (Amazon link) for your phone and RiftCat or iVRy app.