Building zone

Building an arcade cabinet is something very rewarding and a lot of people has done that. When it comes to building a virtual pinball cabinet, this is a different story. The build is complex and a lot of research, Testing and trial and error will be needed to have this great project coming to life.

I added this section to showcase your build, show the world your magnificent project that you have reasons to be proud of. Not only you will show your work but your description, process and pictures will become an inspiration for new builders.

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  • Micheal’s Cab

    Micheal’s Cab

    I had an idea to build a virtual cabinet. Wasn’t …
  • Raymon’d Cab

    Raymon’d Cab

    In the middle of building now, cabinet is a wide …
  • Damion’s VP Cab

    Damion’s VP Cab

    I am Just a guy in a garage with too …
  • Carlos’s VP cab

    Carlos’s VP cab

    Description of your cabinet 3 Displays 43, 32, 16 i5, …
  • Steven R’s Cab

    Steven R’s Cab

    Full size Willams cab , and then every part has …