Colorize DMD

Colourizing DMD written guide by Ponytrix

There are about 296 folders in this archive

For any replacements, I copied the original pin2dmd in the rom folder as a backup.

The stern DMDs, even the not color patched ones look much better I think with these.  This set does assume you patched the ones with color rom versions as well.

Be sure to backup your altcolor directory to revert any of your customizations.

grab that file and the altcolor folder goes into your pinmame folder, each rom name gets a folder. If for some reason you’re not seeing colors (it looks from the gameplay vids you’re already set up for them, just don’t have the palettes), this post has screenshots of the setup about 40% of the way down. If you have any tables that don’t color up, they probably don’t have a rom folder, honestly I just looked at a palette from another table I thought would look good and copy/pasted the folder and then renamed the – copy folder to whatever rom I needed. (ie I copied the star trek color palette folder and renamed the folder to the avatar rom name)

After those are set up and working then go with i believe all of these are vni remaps of non stern tables that are full dmd colorizations (just drop them in the appropriate rom folder and they “should” be G2G) After that is running a rom patch to colorize stern roms, and there’s a sheet of projects here: In total hopefully this works in about 10 minutes and then you’ll re auto-record all your dmd’s for popper (i had to for sure). oh if it’s 172 the basic 4 color palette folders pretty much work, but when you try to switch to a vni remap it will look bad again. oh and once everything is done here’s a super disorganized list of games that were wip for colorization and have modded sound for roms etc. I’ve gotten all of the colorizations. i could find from here

Article from OUTHERE! ( Source )

Color Rom set-up — ( Freezy )
My experience is with Virtual DMD and Pin2dmd

Latest SAMBuild VPinMame For Color Roms at the bottom of the 1st post ->

I am currently using freezy files from here  1.7.3 ..

An out of this zip file I used – DmdDevice.dll and dmdext.exe – But you may also need the other files if you don’t have them

Put this in your (DmdDevice.ini) file And if you want to use the new features set it to true

enabled = fales

(If you have problems with the 1.73 dll try the 1.71 from here –>  but this dll is slow to Start color roms)

Info on new feature and for more info at the top of the page click on this

In your VPinMame folder run set up change defaults or Use F1 during game to change the default for that game
Turn off Show DMD and Turn on external DMD

“Download this folder and put it in your VPinMame folder, This will get you start it”

“DMD Colorization Works in Progress”

Color Patches and Palettes

“More Info – DMD Coloring for Everyone (PinDMD3 & Pin2dmd and PC Monitor)”
FAQ  —->

“Why do some colored roms require a patch and others just use the .vni & .pal files?”

This is what I use for patching Stern sam color rom —>
Stern sam tables that need the Patch –>
Another way to patch

If you change the name of the rom and use DOF..
You may have to go to the DOF website and Under table config find the game, Then change the rom to match the game..