DOFLinx FX3 animated backglass


What is Fx3 animated backglass?

Fx3 is a great virtual pinball commercial platform with 3d realism gameplay. Like most software, it has flaws and things that can be improved on. Natively Fx3 has a static backglass, which can be enabled by copying the .jpg and renaming it like the table in the steam table folder.

If you wish to see effects on the backglass, that is where the animated backglass come into play. The animated backglass is a standalone file along with the DOFLinx software that will display light effects on the backglass image during the gameplay.

What is required for this to work?

DOF R3++ , DOFLinx and Pinball FX3 from Steam are the required software. DOFLinx is a software designed by DDH69 and it is required for the animated backglass to work in Pinball Fx3. You may refer to the interview i had with DDH69 last year if you are curious to learn more about the author and the software.

Pinball Fx3 can be installed from a Steam Account. Games can be purchased online.

How do i install DOF?

There are several guides and tutorials that have been published on different virtual pinball sites and on social media sites over the years. A very comprehensive guide if Mjr’s guide. Mjr ( Michael Roberts ) has brought a lot to the community and have continued the DOF project since the original author, Swisslizard, has retired from the development. If you need an accurate source for the information, do not look further, Mjr’s site is the place to look.

You can download the latest DOF version :

Where can i find DOFLINX and how do i install it?

You can download the latest version of DOFLinx on VPforums. You can read all the installation instructions and information included in the DOFLinx download folder.

Will regular db2s files work?

No, You need the db2s files created by DDH69. The Fx3 db2s files listed below are required . They are specially coded to accept Fx3 triggers.

Video by Major Frenchy
Video by TerryRed

Here is a list of the B2S active back glasses for Pinball FX3 created by DDH69. All single links points to the original Vpforums site where they can be individually downloaded. You can also download all Fx3 animated backglass in a Pack.

explicit permission from DDH69 was obtained to include all animated db2s in one zipped file“.

Thank you DDH69 for you involvement in making virtual pinball … just that awesome! Without you and your software, there would be no force feedback for Fx3 or Future Pinball.

If you wish to show your gratitude, leave a comment on Vpforums, here or on the discord group. Just say thank you to him, that’s all he’s asking.

If you load this backglassx for DOFLinx then it will show if you are using FX3 via the grid menu when there is no game selected according to FX3.  It ensures that there is always a backglass on display. DOWNLOAD

Attack From Mars ( Bally )

Black Rose ( Bally )


Party Zone ( Bally )

Safe Cracker ( Bally )

Theatre Of Magic ( Bally )

The Champion Pub ( Bally )




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