Installing VPX has become much easier over the years. Now there is a all in one installation file that will install all required software. Click the installation file, pick the default paths and follow the prompt and everything will install where it should.

Vpinball.com or Vpforums.org

Simply run the b2sserver.exe and enter the screen resolution and close


This is due to the b2sserver config. Quit VPX Select a different display # and re-launch VPX. ( Windows monitor id will not necessary match your monitor id in B2sserver )



Try disabling Force exclusive Full screen. The setup is in the video options of VPX


video option

Turn off Exclusive full screen




  • Uncheck exclusive full screen


  • You can also set ddraw to 0 in the registry. And you will be able to use exclusive fullscreen




Open Regedit and navigate to Computer\HKEY\_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Freeware\Visual PinMame and select your rom.

On the right pane, select ddraw right click and set it to 0

Rom not found means that you do not have a rom in the Vpinmame/rom folder


In this case, i says that the rom needed for the game is called sman_240. Here's how you can find the rom.

1- Google sman_240.zip

2- go to Vpforums and in the roms section manually look for the file : https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=9

3- Check Dux Retro's VPS sheet and look up in the roms row and follow the link.


Your Rom must be zipped

The rom goes in your Visual Pinball