Flux capacitor

Having a Back to the future theme on my virtual pinball would not have been complete without a flux capacitor. I wanted to integrate it to the table and decided to set it up on the back panel of the Backglass.

I have looked at several tutorials and videos of people building very nice and authentic flux capacitor. I could have spent a lot of time and money trying to replicate the movie’s original Flux capacitor that allows the Delorian to travel in time. I opted for a different solution and i wanted to use parts that i already had in my shop.

I used the following parts:

  • 3 Happs arcade push buttons ( Red )
  • Yellow gage 12 wire
  • Snowmobile ignition switch
  • 3 Marine LED 12v lights
  • 12V 12A Inline Mini LED Dimmer Controller
  • tape/hot glue/12v wires/
  • DC Power Pigtail 2.1mm x 5.5mm Connectors

Building Steps

I started by measuring my back door and found the centre and marked it. i placed my 3 LED lights in the Y position and marked the location with a pen.

I used the plastic screw from the Happs button to mark the location of where the holes will need to be drilled. i placed the button next to the top of the LED.


I drilled the 3 Holes for the Happs buttons using a 1 1/8 forstner bit. I drilled 3 small holes to fish the yellow 12 gauge wire and i drilled a hole in the bottom left corner to mount the ignition and the Led strobe module.


One Everything was drilled, i painted the board with a Black glossy paint.


The Buttons were mounted with the screws and the Positive and negative wires of the LED are fished on the other side of the board.

I connected the 3 positives wires of the LED and the Negative wires of the LED together.


I connected the Positive of the 3 LED to the Positive lead of the 12v strobe module. And i connected the Negative of the 3 LED to the Negative lead of the 12v strobe module.


Now we only have to connect the 12v power lead of the Strobe module to the 12v of your power supply. The negative lead of the power lead will connect on a pole of the ignition switch and the second pole on the ignition will go to the ground of the power supply.


Now that it is all wired up, i glued a yellow wire from the button connector to the other side of the board.


here’s the final results of our Flux capacitor.