Goldorak coded with DOF

( Article publie en Francais sur PincabPassion : )

Goldorak has not been coded with DOF but some clever folks “ JaysArcade’“ found a way to code Goldorak VPX using the DOF code of Stranger’s thing.

Original Article:

Here are the steps to accomplish it.

1- Install Stranger’s thing VPX on your system

Youtube video:


2- Install Goldorak VPX


3- Download the code from Pastebin: or direct download

4- replace the code in the Goldorak VPX script by the Goldorak DOF code.

5- Replace CGameName = “nudge_test” by “STLE

6- Quit and save the game

7- Launch it and DOF will be enabled.

Now This is not a Full DOF coding, some features works and some don’t but until we get a full DOF for it this is as good as we will get.