Guy’s Cab

Rescued a Future Spa Widebody from the scrap heap. Mounted three screens, 47″-30″-19″

6 Relays , 5 Cree flashers,  9 Active buttons Undercab and flipper button with RGB.

Shaker , Gear , 2 Strobes , Plunger works as well.

Ledwiz Using Duet to use iPad as Topper. Currently figuring out of I’d like to install a Teensy with addressable leds. Pinup Popper fully installed Fx3, Future Pinball, Virtual Pinball, Pro Pinball, Pinball Parlor, MAME, and DW-Jukebox installed and working.

Do you have something unique about your cab? Original 54v knocker in working condition. Trust me, it’s loud! đŸ˜‰ Features on my cab Force feedback enabled Strobes Shaker Motor Gear Motor Graphics card used GTX1660 Ti

How long did it take you to build? 3 months to get operational

CPU used:
GTX1660 Ti

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