Jason’s Cab

Work in progress: 47″ 1080p 120hz playfield in custom wide cabin.

SSF 4 exciter (shared sub)

Teensy playfield blinders (144 RGB addressable per side.

4 displays (47″ playfield, 22″ under, 22″ virtual DMD, 32″ Backglass)

Pinscape control/nudge Custom side-rails and lockdown (in fabrication)

Real coin door/bill acceptor Planned but awaiting parts:

Playfield,  strobes,  backbox/cab back ambi-light style lighting *addressable RGB that dynamically matches the backbox lighting/flashes*

Do you have something unique about your cab?

4 LCD displays (Buried/hiding an LCD above the playfield for custom backgrounds and under screens.

Graphics card used:
GTX 770 TwinFrozr

  • addressable_led
  • contactors
  • lcd_dmd
  • pinscape
  • How much have you spent on your cab?

    Most are reclaimed or refurbished parts. but around ~1500$

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