Scott’s Cab

I’ve been interested in building a VP cab for several years. Initially I was just figuring a USB encoder to allow me to use buttons to control the flippers. Once I started diving into the scene I learned about Force Feedback, Addressable LEDs, and Customizable Front Ends. My wife is super supportive. “Baby, build it like you want it.” she would say…so I did. Thus, the Everly MK1 came into existence.

Graphics card used:
GTX 1070

Are you satisfied with this card's performance?

CPU used:
Intel i5 4440

How much RAM do you have?

  • addressable_led
  • contactors
  • i_use_future_pinball
  • i_use_pinball_fx3
  • i_use_vpx
  • kl25z
  • pinscape
  • pinup_popper_front_end
  • potentiometer
  • real_dmd
  • solenoids
  • How much have you spent on your cab?

    Approx $1,700