Scott’s Cab

Building a Virtual Cabinet was something I was interested in doing for several years. Initially I was just figuring a USB encoder to control the flippers but then got sucked into the world of Force Feedback and Addressable LEDs. My very supportive wife always said, “Baby, build it like you want it.” so armed with her support the Everly MK1 came into existence.

Graphics card used:
GTX 1070

Are you satisfied with this card's performance?

CPU used:
Intel i5 4440

How much RAM do you have?

  • addressable_led
  • contactors
  • dot_matrix
  • i_use_future_pinball
  • i_use_pinball_fx3
  • i_use_vpx
  • kl25z
  • pinscape
  • pinup_popper_front_end
  • potentiometer
  • real_dmd
  • solenoids
  • How much have you spent on your cab?

    Approx $1,700