Surround Sound Feedback

What is surround sound Feedback? Surround sound feedback ( SSF ) is in ” layman’s terms ” a 7.1 surround system for your Virtual Pinball cabinet.

How does it work? This is really not that complicated and there is no need to be scared about it. Once the hardware is connected and the software configured, if the table supports it, you will hear the ball rolling at the different locations on the board and the speaker closest to the location of the ball will be activated. This way there is a real surround effect that enhances the game. The surround sound feedback also allows for contactor noises, bumper noises, coins insert, voices and flipper noises independently on the assigned speaker.

What is the Hardware requirement? I will tell you about the configuration i used .

  • 4 Exciters speakers
  • 2 audio amps
  • 2.1 speakers/sub
  • 7.1 compatible audio card

Exciter speakers

I used 4 of those exciter speakers. They are different than normal speakers, They will conduct the noise using the surface where it is installed on.

Here’s a video showing an example of the sound.

Where can i purchase Exciters? Look on E-bay in your country: E-bay USA , Digikey or Amazon. You can pick a different model, but i would pick at least a 15w speaker. You will need to order 4 of them.

Where do i install the Exciter speaker? Typically you will install 2 near the front under your playfield and 2 in the back under the playfield.

Where can i read more about exciters? I found the best article ever! have a read


How do i connect them? This is very easy, you need 2 amps that i am going to discuss and you simply connect the front tactile Exciters

How do i attach them to my cabinet? I personally used 4 screws. some people say that adhesive is better if possible as it offers a better seal which means better vibrations and sound.

Audio Amps

What kind of audio amp do i need for this?

I purchased the following amp.

There are generic products available in your neck of the wood. here’s my E-bay link

2.1 Speaker system

You still need Stereo speakers with a sub to make this setup complete. Most likely if you are upgrading to a SSF setup, you already own a 2.1 system.

Check for a 2.1 audio system on Amazon or a store of your choice.

7.1 audio card

You will need a 7.1 audio card to make this system work. If you are lucky, or if you are building a new system with this in mind, you will get a motherboard with 7.1 audio built in.

If you already have a system built and do not have a 7.1 audio card built in, you can always add one on your motherboard or buy an external card. ***** for best compatibility it is not recommended to use 2 cards in your setup.

PCIe Type of card (There have been reports that sound blaster cards are incompatible )


Software Configuration

You will need to download the audio configuration software. Depending on which audio card you have the software will be slightly different. If you have a built in audio chipset on your motherboard, go to your motherboard manufacturer and look for the 7.1 audio driver.

Realtek software download

In the Realtek software, use the following parameters.

In VPX, go in the audio settings and set the options as following.

You are done!!!!

General Tips

If you notice electrical noise while playing, you might have interference in your cab. You can try to isolate your wires and move the power wires away from the Speakers and Amps. A lot of people are using a filter and advised that this eliminated the noise completely. Don’t forget to order 2

Taking advantage of the Alternative sound!

You can download the Re-mix and alt sound Here:

When you have an altsound file and you wish to add it to the table, you will have to do the following.

1- unzip the alt sound file and it will have a folder named the same as the table rom.

2- Place the folder in the Visualpinbal/VpinMame/altsound folder

3. Load your table and press F1

4. change the Sound Mode to 1. This will mute the Game Rom default and use the altsound you just added.

Can i use SSF in Pinball Fx3?

Yes, There have been developments for this platform in the last few years. There are a few requirement for this to happen. You will need to have a working DOFLINX and Pinup Player installed.

Before starting make sure you have the latest DOF r3: and the latest DOFLINX:

in FX3 Select the audio tab and physics Volume Disable it. ( This is the Mechanical sounds )


You must use the latest version of DOFLINX and you will find a folder named as below and the following files should be included. The is a folder called FX3_PUPlayer that has the following files in it.

PuP Front End

Download the Fx3 SSF Pup-Packs. These are global sounds effects for existing tables.

Unzip the file and copy them all in your PinupSystem video in the PuPVideos folder

Reference material

Thank you to the developpers Djrobx , TerryRed, rustycardores, Randy Davis, DDH69, Michael Roberts and many more people who got involved in the development.