Solid state relays are exactly like common relays the difference being that there are no moving parts and they are more robust.

There is a simple analogy to show the difference, i will use something you are mostly familiar with. The old hard drives that we used were called spinning hard drives and had spinning disks, arms and they were mechanicals hard drives. A newer technology erupted and became popular in the early 2000 which made a significant change in data transfer.

We can apply the same analogy to Solid States relays. Before we get into the connections, let just explain what is a Relay.

This is an example of a relay in action

A relay is like a light switch but the signal to turn on or off is provided by a signal ” like the Led-wiz” or any other type of controller.

Why should i use a Solid State Relay?

  • They are faster, no latency
  • They do not overheat
  • They reduce the electrical noise
  • They are typically for higher voltage devices

When you wish to connect and control a knocker or any kind of devices in a circuit, you must consider the voltage required for every components and ensure to respect the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid potential breakage or hazard.

Pinball Knocker

You will have to read and find out the manufacturer’s recommendations for the knocker and decide how much power you will use to trigger it. Typically knockers will require at least 24v to trigger and can are maxing out around 50v

Sainsmart 30v relay

If you wish to trigger a 40v Knocker, you may not use this relay because it is a 30v relay. We will use this with the solid state relay.

  • +A1 4-32v to power the relay
  • – A2 Ground
  • 13+ positive of the power supply up to 60V
  • 14 Power lead of your Knocker

You may see the connections in the provided image below and you can view our video tutorial.

****** From reading, it is possible to bypass using the Sainsmart relay completely by adding a resistor on +A1 and -A2 I will keep you posted after i tested it.

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