Adding tint to your Playfield.

If your monitor does not cover the entire playfield, you might want to mask or paint the glass . Masking or tinting the glass is also useful to hide the electronic, wires, led strips.

Tinting this area will allow to hide the interior of the cabinet not covered by the screen.

What do i need and what are the different options?

You can use paint on the glass or windows tint film.


You can experiment with different paint types on a scrap piece to find what the end results is going to look like. Typically i used Matte black spray paint and the results are quite good. Paint is not a transparent solution so keep in mind that if you wish to see lights/strips of led, paint is not the right solution. You can use paint for the top and bottom of your playfield and use window tint film for the addressable led strips on the side of your playfield.

When painting your glass, make sure you mask your playfield completely with paper and tape because you will have drops of paint on your playfield. Also you will paint the bottom side of the glass and not the top.

When painting, spray a very thin coat from approximately 6-7 inches away. let the paint dry and re do the steps until the area is opaque.

This can also be applied to Plexy Glass.

Window Tint film

Using the window tint film will allow masking an area but allowing light the be visible. This is the perfect solution if you want to hide your side addressable led strip but want to see the light of the led when activated.

You can buy tint film at your local auto shop or i provided a amazon link at the bottom of the article. 5% or 10% transparency is a good choice as it will almost hide what is under completely.


start by masking the area you wish to cover with film with painter tape. Painter tape works well and easy to remove.

once the area is masked, measure the distance and write down your measurements.

Lay down and unroll your film on a clean hard surface and use painter tape to secure the unrolled film. Use a sharp exacto knife to cut the film.


Now that your pieces are cut, prep the glass by washing it with a damp cloth. Don’t use Windex to wash the glass, it contains ammonia and will prevent the film from sticking to the glass.

Once clean, use a little bit of soapy water to the area where you are going to use the film.

remove 1″ of the tint film back paper and carefully stick it to the glass. Using a squeegee, to push the air towards the other side holding the film up in a 45 degree angle.

Once the film is installed, used the soft edge on the squeegee to press hard on the film to remove all the air trapped. The manufacturer recommend a 10 days curing time, you may speed up the process by using a hair dryer or a heat gun and blow hot air on the film.

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