The Virtual Pinball Sheet is a Project managed By DUX Retro and is a fantastic time saver that allows finding the right files to make a virtual pinball table work.

Dux Retro built this amazing database. There are several sheets found on the main page.

Here’s the Intro from Dux himself explaining what his database do.

“ Here you will find notifications about newly added or updated features to all the sheets.

You’re welcome to discuss the sheest, help out by notifying about things that are missing or just hang out.

Have fun and enjoy this hobby!

Dux Retro

The text below has been updated on the 28th of May 2019. 
So update your URL if you haven’t already to be assured of always up-to-date spreadsheets.


The Visual Pinball Spreadsheets (VPS) Repository


From now on you only need to remember one URL to access the latest and up-to-date versions of the spreadsheets: 

Here you can find URLS to the following spreadsheets:

1. VPS 3.5
– Contains all the Sheets for All tables: VPX, PM5, VP9. Now also includes Future Pinball, Pinball FX3 and other PC pinball games.
-Comes with a sheet that contains all the VP Installation and Related Software you need and more.
-This is the main source that drives the other sheets mentioned below.

2. VPS 3.5 – Mini
– A heavily stripped version of the main spreadsheet that only shows VPX tables and related content though. Use this when the main sheet is slow for unknown reasons and / or don’t need anything else.

3. VPS 3.5 – New or Updated Tables 
– Shows all new or updated tables between the current data and the number (of days) you enter.
– Shows (a) specific table(s) depending on what you enter in the ‘Search Table(s) function’.

4. PinUP Pinball System ‘puplookup.csv’ Database Creator V3.5
Contains all the pinball table information from VPS 3.5 that you can import and use with PinUP Popper. 
Read the instructions both on the first sheet and in the PinUP Pinball System wiki on how to get it working.

5. VPS Substitute – V3.5
If you don’t like the regular spreadsheet layouts or of they load very slow, you can try this instead. It presents the data in a different way.”